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Hotel Information A to Z

Baby food/Baby bottles
We are happy to warm them for you. Do you need boiled water? Please give us a call.

See Restaurant

If you require one please contact our reception

Bathroom stool
If you require one please contact our reception

Bed linen change
If you require a daily change of bed linen, we can arrange this for a charge at the reception.

Bicycle hire
Norisbike offers bicycle hire for the whole city of Nuremberg. There are more than 70 rental and return stations in the old town as well as in the whole city. The nearest one is located in Augustinerstrasse (2 minutes walking). For more information see www.norisbike.de

We are happy to bring additional blankets to your room.

Our buffet breakfast is served on the ground floor between 7-10am during weekdays and 7-10.30am on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Check out
Your room is at your disposal until 11am on the day of departure.

Children are very welcome in our hotel
and stay for free in their parents´ room (with no extra bed) until the age of 6.
If an extra bed is required, the charge is 29,00 €. Breakfast will be charged separately.

A cigarette machine can be found crossing the hall on the ground floor.

City centre
The pedestrian area is within 5-10 minutes walking distance. We offer free city maps at the reception.

City map
We are happy to hand out free city maps at the reception and provide you with all the information you need.

City tours
Information on city tours and exhibitions is available from the tourist information –
phone +49 (0)911 23 360 or visit the tourist information office on the main market square.

Provided free of charge on request.

Credit cards
We accept Euro/Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express, Visa and EC-Cash.

– to the main train station: approx. 20 mins on foot or 10 mins by car
– to Nuremberg airport: approx. 25 mins by underground or 20 mins by car
– to the exhibition centre: approx. 25 mins by underground or 25 mins by car

Our staff will provide assistance with directions, phone numbers and appointments.

Dry cleaning
See laundry service

220 volt AC

Our email-address is info@hotel-elch.com.
We can send emails for you (with or without attachment). Simply hand in your text file or draft.

Emergency exits and evacuation routes
Relevant information can be found on the information sheet on your room door.

Emergency numbers (do not forget to dial 0)
Fire Brigade: 0 – 112
Police: 0 – 110
Ambulance: 0 – 19222

You can get information about excursions and the surroundings of Nuremberg at our front desk or by calling the Nürnberg tourist information – +49 (0)911 23 360 or visiting their office on the main market square.

You can send and receive a fax via the reception. Our fax number is 49 (0)911 249 298 44.
If you receive more than two pages the charge will be 0,30€/page.

Please see the information sheet on your room door for all important information.

We can purchase them for you or recommend nearby florists.

Forgot something?
We are happy to help you with our “First Aid Kit” if you forgot something, e.g. your toothbrush!

Hair dresser
You will find two hair dressers just opposite the road. We recommend making an appointment in advance.

Every room is equipped with a hair-dryer.

on the city, the surroundings, activities and excursions, public transport and a lot more is given to you by our reception staff.

International socket adapter
If you require one please contact our reception


Internet access
You can use our free WiFi in your room, the lobby and the restaurant. Login details and password are available at the reception.

Payment at the reception is possible from 7am until 11.30pm.

Laundry Service
If you hand in your laundry at the reception before 8 am, you will normally get it back on the same day, except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
We would be glad to give you an estimate for our laundry service upon request.

We are happy to help you transport your luggage – call 99.

Luggage storage
You can safely store your luggage with us on the day of arrival and departure. Please contact the reception.

Use of minibar will be checked daily and charged on check out.

Daily newspapers are placed at your disposal at the reception.

You can reserve a parking lot (subject to charge) at the reception. Our staff will explain the location of our parking lots to you. Do not park your car in the hotel drive – stopping there is prohibited at any time and the hotel cannot answer for any parking tickets.

Petrol stations
There are petrol stations conveniently located on all main roads and roads leading towards motorways.

The closest pharmacy is located within 300m (Altstadt Apotheke, Albrecht-Dürer-Platz 11,
phone +49 (0)911 230 830) . We are also happy to collect something for you there.

At the reception – 0,30 €/copy.

We are happy to bring an additional pillow to your room.
You can choose between feather and synthetic pillows (100% polyester).

Protection of the environment
is a big concern for us! Refillable soap dispensers, individual change of towels, using thermostats, reducing plastic packaging at breakfast, separating waste and a lot more has become our responsibility and matter of course. If you wish, you can contribute by:
Turning off the lights and TV when you leave the room, making sure the taps are turned off, taking part in the individual towel change, using the bin in your room for paper waste and the bin in the bathroom for all other waste, putting empty bottles next to the bin.

Several radio stations (classic music, pop, news and folk music) are programmed in the TV in your room.

Our reception is open daily from 7am until midnight. You have 24 hour access to the
hotel with your keycard. There are keycard-readers on the left side of the night entrance.

Rental cars
Please contact the reception.

Requests and suggestions
We are very glad about any suggestions you may have and would like to encourage you to let us know if any problems arise during your stay with us. Our staff will listen and try to solve any concerns you may have.

Spend the evening in our hotel restaurant “Irrer Elch” on the ground floor or ask our reception staff for recommendations of nearby restaurants and bars.

Room service
Extra charges apply – please call the reception: 99.

A map will be given to you at the reception along with information about nearby routes.

You will find a safe in your room.

Sewing services
Please ask at the reception.

Shoe polishing machine
can be found crossing the hall on the ground floor.

Show case
Forgot something? Looking for a souvenir or a little something?
We are pleased to show you our offers in the show case at the reception.

can be found in the cupboard in your room.

is prohibited in all rooms and all common areas. Failure to comply with this in the rooms will be charged with a 300,00 € cleaning fee.

If you hand in your postcards/letters at the reception we will stamp and post them for you. A post office can be found within 10 minutes walking distance.

Reception staff can easily order a taxi for you. Or you can walk 5 minutes to the closest taxi rack. If you would like to call a taxi yourself, phone +49 (0)911 19 410.

Dial “0” in order to get onto the local line. Our phone number is+49 (0)911 249 298 0.
You can receive calls in your room. The number is +49 (0)911 249298-x followed by your
room number, e.g. room 21: +49 (0)911 249298 31.
room:1=11, room:2=12, room:3=13, room:4=14, room:5=15, room:6=16, room:7=17, room:8=18, room:9=19, room:10=20, room:11=21, room:12=22, room:14=24, room:15=25, room:16=26, room:17=27, room:18=28, room:19=29, room:20=30, room:20=30, room:20=30, room:21=31, room:22=32, room:23=33, room:24=34,
room:25=35, room:26=36, room:27=38, room:28=38, and loft:=39

Our TVs offer a wide range of satellite as well as radio stations. Please use the remote control and make sure the TV is turned on. You will find a list of stations on the back side.

Train connections
We are happy to give you assistance at the reception.

can be borrowed at the reception.

You can purchase individual vouchers from us according to your wishes and budget – from a glass of sparkling wine up to a stay in our loft.

Wake-up call
Please request at the reception by calling 99. Our staff will do their best to carry out all wake-up calls according to your wishes. Nevertheless, technical and/or human mistakes cannot be ruled out completely, therefore we would like to ask for your understanding that we cannot assume any liability for inconveniences on your part and claims of recourse do not apply.

“Yoga by Eva” – please contact the reception to make an appointment.